Quirky, cheerful, bright and open-minded

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Studies and Research

I am Carolin, PhD student in the Software Engineering Research Group at TU Delft. Currently, I am looking into how we can visualize amplified JUnit tests for developers.

If you are interested in software testing research, we're still looking for some lovely colleagues in the TestShift Project!

I studied Software Engineering at the TU Munich, University of Augsburg, and LMU Munich.

In the research world, I am fascinated by everything software quality, programming languages and most things that have to do with models 😊

What I love to spend my time on

Recently I learned that bots are a easy cross-plattform user interfaces for a huge amount of stuff 😄 Find my Telegram bots for Workflowy and Complice on GitHub.

I love emoij and have a custom keyboard layout to have them at my fingertips, beneath easing coding and typing Japanese 🐳🧐🤗

When mountains are close: Skiing ⛷ and Hiking ⛰

On the weekend I am probably tidying up and reorganizing something 🥰